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Hi-Fi CloudBerry Can

Light, Tart, Juicy

  • THC Level <2mg
  • CBD Level 2mg
  • Calories 0
Per 12 FL. OZ.

An easy-drinkin’, low-dose, sparkling experience with nothing weighing you down—zero calories, zero carbs, zero sugars, and non-alcoholic. Cloudberry’s unique, natural flavor is refreshingly light and bubbly. Tart and juicy, not sweet. With wisps of raspberry, currants, and blackberry notes. And at just 2mg of THC and 2mg of CBD from the finest sun-grown cannabis, it’s our most sessionable option.

Availability: California (for now…)


  • How does the 2:2 make you feel?

    2:2 keeps you in the moment with a light & easy, calm, relaxed feeling.

  • Why create a 2:2 version?

    We wanted to create a low-dose version of our Hi-Fi Sessions, so our friends who aren’t looking for a THC high can still enjoy all the calming and relaxing effects of CBD.

  • Where can I find the 2:2?

    Hi-Fi Sessions is currently available in legal dispensaries throughout California, with more coming soon.

    Check out our handy Hi-Fi Sessions finder here. We expect availability to grow as legal cannabis distribution expands into other states.

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