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All with Zero Calories, Zero Sugars, Zero Carbs and Non-Alcoholic Natural Flavors. How refreshing is that? Find out…


  • THC Level <2mg
  • CBD Level 2mg
  • Calories 0
Per 12 FL. OZ.
An easy-drinkin’, low-dose, sparkling experience with nothing weighing you down. Cloudberry’s unique, natural flavor is tart and juicy, not sweet. At just 2mg of THC and 2mg of CBD it’s our most sessionable option.

Hoppy Balance

  • THC Level 5mg
  • CBD Level 5mg
  • Calories 0
Per 12 FL. OZ.
This bubbly mix of hops & cannabis is dialed in to just the right balance of THC & CBD, 5mg of each.

Hoppy Chill

  • THC Level 10mg
  • CBD Level <2mg
  • Calories 0
Per 12 FL. OZ.
A bubbly mix of hops & cannabis with a relaxing dose of 10mg THC. The flavor is hoppiness that’s bright and refreshingly citrusy (not bitter), thanks to Lagunitas using everything they know about hops.
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