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Hi-Fi Hoppy Balance Can


  • THC Level 5mg
  • CBD Level 5mg
  • Calories 0
Per 12 FL. OZ.

This bubbly mix of hops & cannabis is dialed in to just the right balance of THC & CBD, 5mg of each—but with zero calories, zero carbs, zero sugars, and non-alcoholic. The flavor is hoppiness that’s bright and refreshingly citrusy (not bitter), thanks to Lagunitas using everything they know about hops.

California: (for now…)


  • How does the 5:5 make you feel?

    This calming, just-right mid-range dose will leave you feelin’ chilled out and balanced.

  • What is the difference between 5:5 and 10?

    While the two doses of Hi-Fi Sessions will result in different experiences, the flavor is the same hoppy fidelity. The THC distillate extracted by AbsoluteXtracts imparts no flavor onto the hoppy sparkling water.

  • Where can I find the 5:5?

    Hi-Fi Sessions is currently available in legal dispensaries throughout California, with more coming soon.

    Check out our handy Hi-Fi Sessions finder here. We expect availability to grow as legal cannabis distribution expands into other states.

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